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"I absolutely loved the sound bath tonight.

I have felt tension and stiffness in my shoulders, neck and ankles for a while now but it totally released during the session and I feel so much better. 

Since I got home I’ve felt very relaxed with a very warm, happy feeling within. 

I really enjoyed the experience Jodi and can only imagine I will get more & more out of it each time!"


"Hi Jodi. I just had to reach out and let you know of the profound impact your last crystal bowl session had on me. I have felt like myself again. My mood has improved dramatically, my energy levels are up and I have felt reconnected to myself again. Thank you so much I have no other words of how grateful I am".


"I have had shoulder pain for about 3 months, and after 2 sessions, it's virtually disappeared, unbelievable, thank you so much."


"I just wanted to say “thank you” for last night. What a fabulous experience it was!

I can’t believe how I felt once the class had ended. I had an absolute feeling of peace, serenity and just simply happiness.

I can honestly say these feelings have continued this morning and I feel so much calmer and relaxed not to mention the pain in my hands has eased and also my sense of smell has come back for the first time in months."


"This crystal healing sound bath was an experience like no other. The sounds, vibrations and feelings throughout your body gives it a total different relaxation feel, really touching within the mind, heart and soul that you can actually feel it. Thank you for the best feeling in a while"

"I suffer from insomnia, but

always sleep amazing for about 4 nights after your classes"


"Your sound baths have regulated my menstrual cycle, thank you so much."


"Wow, what a class, absolutely loved crystal healing tonight, I left feeling joyful and with renewed energy. Can't wait to go back"

"My blood pressure has been significantly lower since I started your classes"


"I've had terminal cancer for 4 years, after 6 months of your classes, I'm now cancer free, your sound baths were the only thing I've done differently. I'm so grateful for you."


"I've been to several of Jodi's sound baths now and they are INCREDIBLE. I always leave feeling so much better and more energised. Thank you Jodi, you've brought so much fulfilment to my life"
               - E.H

"Your guided meditations are so incredibly calming and your singing just sends shivers all over my body"

"Thank you for creating such wonderful evenings for us to attend, truly magical and grateful"

"You and your sound baths have become such an important part of our lives, so thankful for you"

"Crystal bowl sound healing with the beautiful Jodi last night was absolutely breathtaking. I feel so calm today. If you're in the Leicester area, be sure to check out her next class"

"Thank you so much for tonights sound bath. I feel relaxed, refreshed and have a sense of calm around me. I feel rejuvenated and filled up from a day that was very draining"


"I've been to quite a few sound baths but this was by far the most profound, beautiful experience like never before! Thank you so much"


"My daughter falls to sleep every night listening to your sound bath meditations, she absolutely loves them!"

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